Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gratitude Challenge

Linking up again with Brenda and the Gratitude Challenge.

 I'm Thankful for my home.
This Spring will mark 18 years that I've lived here. So many memories...
But I have to be honest and say that I'm not always Thankful.
There are times, like today, that I feel more frustrated then Thankful.
You see, my house is the perfect size for a family of 4.
We are a family of 12.
My home has one bathroom.
The rooms are small.
After close to 18 years there are things that need updated and replaced.
My home was very much wanted and prayed for all those years ago.
Building this home was a total God thing.
Adding to my family over the years - a God thing.
So even though I can't always find space, we bump into each other, there is usually a line for the bathroom, no one gets their own bedroom...
I am going to try everyday to be Thankful for my home and know how blessed I am to have a home and beautiful family that fills it up.

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