Monday, February 11, 2013


I can hardly believe it was 6 years ago that our son made his way into the world. It was 14 weeks too early, I had placental abruption, sending the hospital staff into a whirlwind, and tears streaming down my face. At first, they couldn't even find a heartbeat. It wasn't time yet. It was only 8 weeks prior that we found out the joyful news that my troubled pregnancy was going to be ok. Now the thought ran through my mind, "am I going to loose my baby?" I was rushed to the OR for an emergency c-section. They told me I wouldn't get to see or hear my baby. I remember praying, praying harder then I ever have before and asking God to let me hear my baby.
I did.The tiniest of cries, almost sounding like a tiny kitten. But I heard him. Him!! We had a son. 
I wasn't planning on a winter, February birthday, it was supposed to be a Spring, May birthday.
And so began our journey with our tiny baby, our micro-preemie. So tiny and immature, but so perfect! For 80 days we were by our baby's bedside in the NICU, standing on the promises of God, standing on His peace, even when we didn't understand, but thanking him for the miraculous journey we were experiencing. 
A NICU journey that was smooth with only a few bumps in the road!
That is not always typical for a 26 weeker.
The days, weeks, months were hard trying to divided our time between our other children, homeschooling, pumping every two hours, and just life in general.
We had so much help and support from family and friends. Our words simply can not fully express our thankfulness.
From bringing meals and babysitting, to many donating blood for Ezra so we could find a match for his many blood transfusions.
And finally bringing Ezra home. Those scary first few nights, we were almost thankful he was still on oxygen and a heart monitor just so we didn't have to watch him every second of the night.
Today we have a HEALTHY 6 year old with no on going health issues! We serve a healing God!
 We are thankful that our son was able to receive surfactant therapy to help his underdeveloped lungs. A medical breakthrough that has given micro preemies a fighting chance at life. Researched and founded by the March of Dimes.
Ezra was a year old when we started to get involved with the March of Dimes.
We are thankful to God for the men and women who devote their time to help babies like ours!
Need I say more as to why we are passionate about this organization.
Take a glimpse into our journey, and praise God with us that we have a living testimony of Jesus's healing power!


  1. Precious little one... love his name too.

  2. Thank you Kara!! My husband named him Ezra and his middle name Thomas is after my Dad. :)

  3. My first and currently only little was a NICU baby too - we are now at 6 months going strong with a happy and healthy baby girl. I'm rejoicing right along with you!!! Happy birthday Ezra :)

  4. What a mighty God we serve! Happy Birthday Ezra!

  5. Oh, my! He was tiny! But what a great and mighty God! And what a delight to see Ezra's recent picture at the end. Made me laugh with joy. Thanks for sharing this!