Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We Choose Virtues Review

We Choose Virtues was created by Heather McMillan. Her business was started out of her love for children. She is a preschool teacher, children's pastor, and mom of four. Children are a huge part of Heather's life. She was concerned how often she came across children that lacked honesty, self control, and skills that come from good character. She wanted to teach children how to change - a lasting change. Out of this came the list of virtues and their catchphrases. She used them with her own children, her preschool class, other teachers, and parents.

                                We Choose VirtuesSimply Inspiring Character that Lasts

I received a set of 13 double sided Virtue Flash Cards that are printed on quality card stock. They are made for ages 3 up to 5th grade. I've seen these cards many times before and have always been interested in using them. I wish I had these available years ago to use with my older kids! They're great! Virtues is one of the big reasons my husband and I decided to homeschool. It's very important for us to teach good character to each of our ten children. With that said, I've always had my older children work with my younger children. Yes, I appreciate the help, but I also know that even when they are teaching, they're also learning! Even if it's something they think they already know or are too "old" for. Heather even talked about this during a conference call our review group had with her. She said both the younger AND older child learn. The flash cards are fun and made for your younger student, but don't let that stop you from having your older children participate! There are great lessons to be taught here - great tools to have! Having your older children help is a great way for them to learn too!

The catchphrases on the flash cards will help you develop a standard of behavior for your children. Encourage your children when you see them using a virtue they've been taught. You are establishing character in their life.

The flash card illustrations are fabulous and made sturdy, bright, and colorful! The characters are super cute and have great names like Hat Matt, Cake Jake, Kettle Gretel, Feather Heather, and more! My favorite thing about the flash cards is the back. Each one has a Bible verse that goes along with the virtue and explains the virtue. The I am Gentle virtue flash card says - I speak quietly and touch softly. I am NOT... rough, harsh or loud and I don't destroy things or hurt people. Followed by Proverbs 15:1 Bible verse.

The 52, full color page handbook is a great way to read how to balance character, setting standards of excellence, being firm yet kind, and finding the motivation of your heart.

There is a family character assessment you can do with your children to see the areas they may need more help with and may be a good area to start with. 

The coloring sheets are a nice way for your children to remember what they're working on. They can color and hang their finished artwork on your frig or wall and go over their virtues! I personally like to laminate (one of my best Christmas presents ever!!) that way we can hang them and use them again and again as bigger flash cards!

I was given the NIV version to review, they also offer the King James version, and a secular version. Stop by the We Choose Virtues web site to see all their kits. They have many to pick from. The Virtue Flash Cards are $14.99, the coloring pages (PDF) are $3 just to name a few. The web site really has lots to look at for your home and schooling needs.
This month of April you can get a 20% discount off the Homeschool Kit by using the code HOME20 - but remember, that code expires the end of this month, so go check it out now! I was also given the code VIRTUE15 to share with my readers. That is good on any item, never expires and will give you 15% off!
This is a really super program that I know my family will be using again and again.


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  1. I saw these at a conference I was at recently. They are so cute!