Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Home School Grades Review

Track your students’s grades and activities throughout their home school career and prepare official, college ready transcripts.

After graduating two more children this year (five total), I'll still have five homeschooling and won't be finished for another fourteen years. This upcoming school year I'll have two in high school, two in elementary and one in pre-school. You can imagine how busy my days can be and despite how organized I try to be, I appreciate any extra help I can get.

I've never been big on giving out grades. I check my children's work and if it's not correct we do it over until they have a good understanding of what we're working on. So to give out a grade on something we did over and over until we got it right seemed pointless.

However, as my children got older I realized giving out grades was something I needed to start doing, especially as my children entered high school and we started keeping transcripts. Grades were needed and I found that my children liked getting grades, not just stickers or check marks.

I'm not very computer savvy and being busy running a household with nine of my ten children still living at home, I'm not always interested in learning a new program. It can take hours and often lead to more frustration then it's worth.

I'm happy to say this was NOT the case with My Home School Grades.

The program is flexible, easy to use, and offers helpful videos called the How To Channel. By clicking on the video it takes you step by step and shows you exactly what to do! You can manage your student's grades, add your own curriculum and lesson plans, transcript help, and even keep track of your extra activities! There is no limit to how many children/students you add and best of all once you purchase My Home School Grades you have a lifetime membership for only $49.99

Setting up your students was easy and actually fun! My older children liked checking in and seeing how everything worked as well. This is by far the best and easiest software for keeping track of your school year.
See for yourself how great My Home School Grades really is by taking advantage of their free two week trial! Click HERE!
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