Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Instead of posting my menu for this week, I thought I'd share lasts weeks so you can see pictures! I personally enjoy when I can see the finished product. Maybe even someday I'll have time to take pictures WHILE I cook!
One of our favorites - Poppy Seed Chicken! I actually make two this size.
I had so many peppers and onions from my garden we did some chopping, freezing and then cooking last week and made sweet sausage with peppers and onions.
Another long time family favorite is homemade baked mac and cheese. I like to put Panko on top of my mac and cheese, love the crunch!
I also have potatoes from my garden, well not my side of the garden, my friend Sharon's side, but we share. :) So I made homemade potato soup.
And my daughter Megan made amazing chocolate chip cookies that lasted all of two minutes.
That was most of our meals last week.
What did you feed your family?

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