Thursday, January 30, 2014

Doll Clothes Superstore Review

"Finding affordable, well-made apparel for your child’s doll can often prove difficult. Here’s where we come in. Doll Clothes Superstore offers a wide range of attire for the most popular dolls and stuffed animals on the market. Instead of purchasing outfits from expensive brands, shop with us! We also stock more variety and include seasonal and holiday items as well."
Doll Clothes Superstore is an adorable, affordable, clothing store for all your doll's needs!
I was blown away when my two youngest daughters and I first visited the site. The prices can't be beat and there are so many beautiful outfits to choose from! I knew we'd be visiting this site again and again.
We thought we were settled on picking an outfit out from the American Girl doll clothes, but after searching the site, that decision became very difficult.
From the American Girl doll collection alone they have beachwear, party dresses, costumes, sleepwear, colonial dresses, accessories and MORE! You can dress up Molly, Kit, Ruthie, and the rest of the American Girl dolls in these very stylish clothes!
They not only offer beautiful clothes for your American Girl doll, but also a wonderful selection for your My Twinn doll, Barbie & Ken, stuffed animal clothes for your Beanie Babies, Webkinz, or your cuddly stuffed animal friend. You can check the sizing guide to help fit your stuffed, furry friend just right.
I was so excited to see they also offer clothes for your Cabbage Patch doll! I still have my doll from the 1980's and was thrilled to see you can still buy clothes for them!
My favorite section? The Matching Girl and Doll section! This is so cool! You can pick between a wide variety of sleepwear, suits, dresses, pants and shorts. They can match up outfits for your daughter and her American Girl doll, Bitty baby, Cabbage Patch Kids, My Twinn Doll, and a large baby doll. How cute is it to have your little girl and favorite doll in matching clothes! And the sizes run from a 2 all the way up to a 16!
Here is one my daughter would love to have for her birthday!
After much deliberation my girls finally decided on two, beautiful, purple dress for each of their dolls.
These dresses are very well put together, they fit our dolls perfectly (the doll on the left wasn't even an American Girl doll), and they were easy for my girls to dress their own dolls. That's a big plus for me! I'm a super busy mom and as much as I like to sit and play with my girls, there are times I need to get things done and it's nice for them to sit and play by themselves. Both my 8 year old AND my 4 year old were able to dress each of their dolls with ease.
The fit and quality of these doll clothes exceeded my expectations.
The fast shipping (even during a snowstorm), friendliness of service (Thank you Mary Ann), and pricing, were all top notch service!
You simply can't go wrong when ordering from Doll Clothes Superstore!
AND just for my readers, the Doll Clothes Superstore is offering a 10% discount off your order with no minimum purchase! Simply use the code "marchforbabiesdcs" at checkout!
Next time your in the market for doll clothes, shopping for a special birthday, or holiday, don't forget to check out Doll Clothes Superstore! You'll be so glad you did!
I received the above mentioned product to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed. All opinions are my own.


  1. I'm reviewing for them, too. :) I need a sunny day so I can get some outside pictures of Hannah in her matchy dress.

  2. Those are some really cute clothes. And I'm sure my girls would love a review like that. :-)

  3. The are really cute clothes and a really wonderful company!!!

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