Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Bigger Family

When my husband and I married we both already had children.
Within the first two years of our marriage there were adoptions all around. His kids, my kids, somebody else's. It was a modern day "His, Mine and Ours" happening. 
By our 5th wedding anniversary the "ours" started coming into the family with the birth of the first of three more children.
By 2009 we had decided our family was complete (with the exception of fur babies).
We often talked how quiet our home would someday feel when all the kids were grown.
How busy things were, but some day it would slow down and we might even be bored!
As our first and then second child left home we started to rethink our thoughts years earlier.
Could we have been wrong?
Will our home ever be quiet?
Would our crazy, busy lives ever slow down?
With two now out on their own, it sure didn't feel any different.
And then it happened.
Something we thought we had years to prepare for. Something we forgot to take into consideration and realized our excitement for quiet peaceful days were never going to come.
And just like that our family grew.
But not just Grandchildren (which we completely adore) but our children's significant others!
This past Christmas we had two more "children" around the tree Christmas morning.
So one night I laid in bed thinking as I usually do and started the math.
10 kids
10 spouses
IF they average 2 kids each
Plus me and my hubby
OVER 40 people to our immediate family.
I've rethought how our lives will be and this is what I came up with.
We will forever be surrounded by children.
Our home will always be filled with noise.
And for alone time my husband and I will travel!!


  1. I don't think it will ever be boring or quiet at the Bryan household!

  2. Beautiful family! I love reading about large family adventures :)
    We have five far, lol.

  3. This sounds all too familiar! We have 9 children. 3 his, 3 mine, and 3 ours : ) His oldest three live far away. My oldest just got married this year. 2 in college (one at home, one away). Often someone outside the family living in our home. At one point last year we had 15 people in our 2000 sq. ft. home : ) I am a homebody so traveling isn't the most appealing option but it may be one I have to