Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Baby

My 10th child, Marlee will be 5 the end of May, but I feel very confident that she will forever be known as "the baby" in our family.
She has many other names we refer to her as -
A Handful
The list goes on AND on depending on the day and what she got into.
I think in the crowd that lives in our home, she feels the need to make her presence known.
And she is very good at it!

She has gotten into more "trouble" then my other nine children combined!
Notice in the picture above she didn't just decide to color her face instead of her paper, but also gave herself a haircut.
Marlee is sassy!
Doesn't like clothes!
Likes to show us her food.
Is super silly!
Likes to grocery shop with blue hair.
And just when I'm at the end of my rope because she used the frig as a bathroom, ate my contact lens, painted her tongue with nail polish, filled my clothes dryer with noodles, fed the dog my new make up brush, and has me on a first name basis with poison control...
She looks like this -
So sweet, so peaceful, almost angelic enough to make me forget all those naughty things she did. I'm sure one day - ONE DAY, I'll look back and remember all my Marlee stories for her children AND pray she has one just like her!


  1. How awesome that you have that many blessings!! My foster family was huge and I loved it. I always wanted a large family but I am unable to get pregnant. Eventually I will adopt but won't be able to afford adoption costs for lots of kids.

  2. We have adopted as well. Sad how costly it can be!
    Thank you April for stopping by!