Friday, August 13, 2010

Fix It & Forget It

I love to cook with my crock pot! First thing in the morning when I'm the only one up I throw something in the crock pot. Sometimes the night before I will pull meat out of the freezer to thaw overnight and then put it in to slow cook all day. Makes the house smell great and I'm half way, if not more, done with dinner hours early! One of my favorite and easiest things to cook in my crock pot is BBQ chicken. Last night we had BBQ chicken sandwiches for dinner with corn on the cob and green beans from our garden. I put boneless, skinless chicken in the crock pot with our favorite BBQ sauce and cooked it all day. Just before dinner my son Alex used a fork and chopped up the chicken, which just fell apart, added a little more BBQ sauce and then back in the crock pot to keep warm until our corn and beans were done.
Below is a link to a great cookbook with lots of crock pot recipes!

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