Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hot Wheels in my Lemonade

I often wonder if some of the things that happen daily in my life ever happen to anyone else with kids? My three youngest who are 5, 3, and 19 months old are unlike my other children or at least how I remember them at this age. Not sure if they act up due to having so many others watching out for them or if its just the personality they were born with. Either way they keep me busy! I feel like I cant leave them alone for a second! Things are always being put in the toilet, spilled on the floor, broken, dumped, thrown, climbed on, and pulled. I feel like I clean up the same thing 50 times a day! I often crawl into bed at night and then right back out to clear out the dinosaur and toy car that somehow got under my blankets. I admit there are times I use the "babysitter" and put them in front of a movie so I can have a few minutes to get something done.
Its busy and at times I wish they were older so it would be easier as far as the messes go, but then I look at my almost 19 year old, my 17 year old and my son that just turned 16. How can they be this age already? Werent they just running around with their toy cars and dinosaurs a minute ago? I'm so proud of the young adults they are turning into, but sad they are growing up so fast. Very bittersweet!!! Like the handprint poem says - Sometimes you get discouraged because I am so small, I always leave my fingerprints on the furniture and wall, but everyday I'm growing and soon I'll be so tall that all those little handprints will be so hard to recall.
When I sat down this afternoon to eat my lunch I had to laugh when I picked up my glass of lemonade to see a little toy car floating in it. When Ezra heard me laughing he came over and said - I do it again tomorrow mommy? I said no, tomorrow can be daddy's turn! :)

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