Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goals for 2011-12 School Year

The Blog Cruise is starting up!

The Blog Cruise is where members of the Crew share their answers to homeschool questions, thoughts on homeschool topics, or experiences with homeschooling.

The first topic of the year is -
What are your homeschool related goals for the year?

I love setting goals, I think it's important to have them in your life. Something to strive for!

This 2011-12 school year I have 8 children I am schooling.

Alex, my first homeschool graduate, graduated in 2010 and is attending HACC. My personal goal for him is to P R A Y. Alex is discovering his independence and we are praying he makes good choices.

Noelle (aka Elle) is a senior. She could have graduated last year, but decided she wanted another year to accomplish some things. The only credit she needs this year is History.
Elle is planning on college next fall and wants to major in creative writing, with a minor in music. Her goal this year is to WRITE!! She started a blog, several short stories and would also like to write her second novel this year. She will continue guitar lessons and is getting ready to record music with her guitar/music theory teacher.
Her personal goals this school year include - reading through the Bible, rememorizing the books of the Bible, getting her drivers license (test Oct. 28th), saving for a car, run and enter more 5K's, play a duet at her senior banquet.

Pheonix is in 11th grade. We are calling this year - The Year Of Responsibility. In addition to his school work, Pheonix is working on becoming a responsible man. "I forgot" is a new bad word in our house. :)
He will continue to study for his driver's permit, participate in plays, and is also working through reading his Bible in a year.

Megan is in 10th grade. Math is the goal for this year. For years we focused on reading and put all other subjects on the back burner. Now that she is a reading pro, we need to catch up on math! She doesnt want a tutor so praying we can take some huge steps this year with our math.

Madi is in 9th grade. Some of Madi's goals this year include sports. This is her 4th year on a homeschool girl's basketball team and she has also taken up running. She would like to enter a 5K by Spring. She is also working on reading through the Bible this year.
Madi loves to bake and decorate cakes. She would like to take some baking classes and learn how to work with fondant.

Jess is in 7th grade. My little peanut, just doesnt seem like she should be this old already. She has also taken up running with her sisters and could possibly enter a race this year too. She also joined the same basketball team Madi did and is loving plays/drama. Jess can sing and I hope to encourage one of her goals to join a choir.

Avarie is in 1st grade. Picking up from last year we are mastering counting to 100 (almost there), reviewing her phone number, address, and our big goal is to start reading by the end of the year.

Ezra is doing Pre-K. He is learing to count to 50, his phone number, address, ABC's, mastering colors and shapes and starting math and reading.

Marlee is 2 years old. She is read to everyday, she can tell you how old she is and her name. We are working on counting to 15, colors, animals, shapes, brush teeth on her own and to stay in her own bed ALL night! :)

MY goals for MY family - Family devotions, praying together as a family (other then meal time), putting God first in our family life, teaching Bible curriculum daily, more field trips, and getting back to Family Fun Fridays. I would like to read together as a family, stick to our daily routine, work on responsibility and working together.

What are YOUR goals for this year?

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