Monday, December 5, 2011

ARTistic Pursuits (Senior High Book 1) - TOS Review

All of my children enjoy drawing, painting, sketching - they love art in general! This is the first year we haven't taken an outside art class, so Artistic Pursuits was a perfect review for us.

We received Senior High Book 1, Elements of Art and Composition for grades 9-12. We were really impressed with how this book is laid out. The book covers topics such as - Space, Form, Shape, Contrast and Unity, Balance, Texture and more!

What I really love is the stories and art history in this book. I love to read to my children and really explain what we are doing and why. I think this gives a greater understanding of their assignments.

My kids enjoyed the Student Gallery section where they could see a student's piece work from that lesson. That helped them to not be so hard on themselves when their art wasn't "perfect" in their eyes.

Even Avarie, my 6 year old, got into our art lesson!

There are material lists so you know what you need for your lessons. This book has thought of it all and I feel confident to teach art at home!

There are 16 units - the units cover Visual Vocabulary, Art Appreciation and Art History, Techniques and Application - the book is 88 pages.
If you did two art classes each week it would equal 32 weeks - a full school year. There is a list of all the supplies you will need for each of the full two semesters. But like most homeschoolers, this book can be adapted to fit your schedule and routine.

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There are also Art Supply Packs that come with all the art supplies you need for each book. Each pack comes with an ARTistic Pursuits tote bag so that supplies can be neatly stored together.

There is a 30 day No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee For Individual Orders. You can purchase ARTistic Pursuits for $42.95. This is a Non-Consumable book that can be used again and again!

Style is just a word to describe the thing that makes your work stand out from the other's.

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I received ARTistic Pursuits in exchange for my thoughts and honest review.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your review of Artistic Pursuits. I think my daughters would really like the student section also. They can be pretty hard on themselves, and like you mentioned, expect for their drawing to come out "perfect". It would really help to be able to see that others aren't perfect either!

    And now, I'm following you ;)