Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am linking up with Brenda at Garden of Learning and her Thankful Thursday Meme!!
Brenda's Gratitude Challenge that was held in November is now a weekly meme! You share a post that tells something you're grateful for that week. She'll go back to the daily meme next November again, but just once a week during the rest of the year share what you are thankful for.
Spreads the gratitude in our hearts throughout the year this way.

I'm thankful for my children and how giving they can be. Not always, they're kids afterall, but the past few weeks, getting ready for Christmas, I've been impressed with the amount of giving from the heart I've seen.
My oldest daughter Elle decided instead of a new cell phone she is going to sponser a child in Africa for a year.
Last night at AWANA (youth group) Avarie was able to pick prizes from memorizing verses and she picked several things for each of her sisters.
Ezra got a candy prize at the store and said he was saving it for his big brother. (ok, he did end up eating it, but in Ezra's defense, it took Alex a long time to get home) :)
The list goes on and on and it makes a mama proud to see even the young ones, well, all of them as we know how selfish teens can be, act in such a giving way.


  1. Great post, Crystal! I love seeing the giving hearts in my kids too!

  2. It's sweet when the kiddos show giving spirits.