Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

I love celebrating birthdays and holidays! Even the silly, little ones like Valentine's Day. Any good excuse to change up the dinning room and make it fun! I know my kids (even the big ones) love doing special things like this at home too.

This year I planned a special V- Day dinner for everyone - shrimp for an appetizer, steak with crab meat, red mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, and a salad.

My girls, Madi and Jess, took care of desserts - cake pops, cream cheese oreos and a beautiful cake!

I picked up some really pretty red, white and pink tulips (my favorite), added a balloon and some goodie bags around the bottom for my kids = CENTERPIECE!

I love Pinterest!! Getting some seriously awesome ideas from this site! Great, new recipes and the crafts, wow!!! So much fun!
We have a movie room and a family friend bought us a popcorn machine for Christmas, we love it!!! So when I saw this cute Valentine idea I had to steal it! I found the little popcorn buckets at Target, 2 for $1 and filled them with some sweet treats.

Some I Love You balloons, cut out some red and pink hearts, added a few candles - another Pinterest idea! Little red hots in a jar with a votive on top, super cute! And we had our Valentine Dinning room already for our dinner!

I'm already checking ideas and making plans for Saint Patty's Day and Easter!!!!!

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