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Judah Bible Curriculum - TOS Review

What is the Judah Bible Curriculum?

A Principle Approach curriculum for Bible class.
Develop a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible.
Build strong, Godly character in your children.
Study the Bible together.
Study the hand of God in the lives of individuals and nations.
For homeschool, Christian school, Sunday school.
Teach your children living Biblical principles to guide their lives.
Apply God’s word personally in every area of life.

Judah Bible Curriculum helps you study the Bible. Your Bible IS your textbook! They offer a Principle Approach for all ages. The Principle Approach is to “build character in teacher and student, capable of sustaining liberty”.
There is no traditional workbook, instead the Judah Curriculum is designed to be studied by themes.

The 5 themes are -

Theme 1: Creation
Theme 2: The Plan of Redemption Begins
Theme 3: The Kingdom of Israel
Theme 4: The Kingdom of God
Theme 5: The Early Church

The first three themes are from the Old Testament and the remaining two are New Testament themes. You study portions of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

How it works -

There are 40 lessons (themes), you make your lesson plans based on these themes and are encouraged to make notebooks (like a 3-ring binder) and take notes. Judah provides you with Key Sheets, but there are no detailed lesson plans. You, as the teacher, will also make a teacher's Bible notebook along with your student/child.
It's suggested that you make five notebook dividers and label them according to the five themes listed above. This notebook is something that your child will keep and reflect on.
Your notebook will contain items like - Key Sheets, coloring pages (for younger students), timelines, essays, writing assignments and maps. You will add a couple of these to your notebook weekly.
To read more about the importance of keeping a notebook you can read the Notebook Approach.

Each Theme takes about 5 weeks to complete.
Visit the SCOPE AND SEQUENCE page to see how this is taught.

This is a program that requires much involvement on the part of the parent/teacher.
It took me a little bit of time to fully understand the concept of the Judah Bible Curriculum. If I think of it more of a Bible study instead of a curriculum it makes more sense to me.
I'm glad I got to review this program. I really like the idea of using your Bible as your textbook and the printable Key Sheets are a nice addition.
I did listen to the downloaded lectures before introducing the Judah curriculum to my children.
I am a very visual learner, so the manual as an e-book was difficult for me. This is something I will have to print out for future use.

I wanted to share the following paragraph I found on the Judah site.
"With the Judah Bible curriculum, your children will be studying the Bible, not just studying about the Bible. They will learn to utilize reference materials and outside resources in their study. They will learn to reason from the Bible basis and apply Biblical principle to every area of life.

It is our desire that Bible class will become the favorite part of your school day, and that the lights will turn on in your students' minds and hearts as they learn about our great God and His ways through the scriptures."  
I love it! And this is my desire for my family!

You get -
Judah Bible Curriculum K-12 Curriculum (e-book format to download).
Elementary Notebook Ideas Booklet (you can view online or download).
Eight-lecture Teacher Training Seminar (listen online or download).

The Judah Bible Curriculum sells for $44 as a download or you can purchase a hard copy version for $69 plus $5 shipping and handling.

Visit the JBC site HERE!
To order by phone or mail, simply Contact Judah:
Judah Bible Curriculum
P.O. Box 122
Urbana, Illinois, 61803.

Bible study should be the centerpiece of a Christian education.

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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received the Judah Bible Curriculum, at no cost to me, in exchange for my thoughts and honest review. All opinions are my own.

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