Monday, June 4, 2012

Ahhhh Summer

As our schedule starts to calm down I'm becoming more excited each day for our long beach vacations. In fact, I think I'll start my countdown planner today! I like to list everything that needs to be done BEFORE we leave (please tell me I'm not the only person that cleans like a fool before leaving for vacation??)

- I also have my Master Beach Packing List that I use every year to make sure when I pack for a family this size NOTHING is forgotten!

- I put some work into our vacation before we go. I am a planning junkie, I love to plan! But I think it's just smart to have a plan when vacationing with a large group on a budget.

- I contact restaurants ahead of time to see if there are early bird specials. I check out their menus on-line to see the price range, sign up for any coupons that I can print and take along and make sure there is food to please everyone.

- I make a list of places to go, with an address and phone so when we're on vacation there is no wasting time! I can't tell you how many times we'll wake up and decide to go miniture golfing that day and by the time we call around and find a place we've wasted half our day! I check out all locations for best prices, coupons and activities and have a printed out planner before we leave with every place and activity I think our group might want to do! (I told you I'm a planning junkie right?)

- Fishing is loved by everyone, from sunrise to sundown!

- We have our favorites that we do every year, so to help with my budget I try to purchase some things ahead of time, like our ferry trip. We like to take a day trip from Delaware to Cape May, NJ and check out the shopping and beaches. You can purchase tickets ahead of time on their web site.

- I have my kids pack movies for any rainy days or down time.

- We are always on the look out for golf balls at yard sales to hit into the lake from our backyard of the rented beach house.

- My girls and I cook the week before we leave so there is less cooking while on vacation. We make and freeze meals, french toast, waffles and anything else we can think of! I get groceries before we go down. This is something we've done just in the past few years. Due to space in our van we would always get groceries after we got settled in, but due to the price difference at the local grocery stores, it saves me a ton of money to shop before we leave and I've learned to become strategic with my packing.

So there are a few of my summer vacation tips! Give me some of yours!! I've gotten some great ideas from blogs about summer and vacationing! Powder to help get sand off little feet and hands, great car ride games to play! I'd love to hear more!


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