Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pearson Homeschool enVision Math

Envision a math program that engages your child as it strengthens their understanding of math. enVisionMATH uses problem based interactive learning and visual learning to deepen conceptual understanding. It incorporates bar diagram visual tools to promote problem-solving skills, and it provides data-driven differentiated instruction to ensure success. The best part is that this success is proven by independent, scientific research. Envision more, enVisionMATH!

 Are you shopping for your 2012-2013 school year curriculum?  I'd like to invite you to check out  Pearson Homeschool . They offer Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies curriculum for grades PreK through 12th grade. 

I received enVisonMath - Grade 6 to review with my children. The text book, which is hardbound, is beautiful and my little ones were begging to use it! The colors and illustrations are very eye catching! Once I showed them it was a math book they quickly ran away (have I mentioned before we are not big math lovers in this family?) Our lack of love for math is exactly why I love to review new math products! We like to try new things, it keeps learning interesting. I've been really impressed with our math this year and enVisionMath is no exception!

enVisionMath covers 20 topics which are divided into lessons.

Some are -

- Numeration
- Variables, Expressions, and Properties
- Solving Equations
- Number and Fraction Concepts
- Decimals, Fractions, and Mixed Numbers
- Ratios, Rates, and Proportions
- Understanding Percent
- Measurement
- Volume and Surface Area
- Probability

This textbook takes me back to Jr.High. It reminds me of text books used years ago, but with modern, updated, beautiful pictures. The layout of the book is non-consumable (you will need to use a separate piece of paper). It gives instructions, examples and the problems to solve.

My favorite part? The Electronic Teacher's Edition CD-ROM. It gives you, the teacher, full access to the textbook (and images). It includes planning information to help you prepare for your lessons and LOTS of printables! They can be a great review for your student and there are printables (worksheets and tests) for each lesson. Being able to print worksheets is always a plus for me while schooling a large family.

The Mindpoint Quiz Show CD-ROM has games and helps to tie in lessons.

enVisionMath bundle sells for $99.99 and comes with a Parent Guide Pamphlet giving an overview of the math program, Student Text (hardbound), Mindpoint Quiz Show CD-ROM, and an Electronic Teacher’s Edition CD-ROM.

Pearson Homeschool offers many products for different ages and grades. In the Let's Get Started section you can click on the grade you are interested in shopping for and Pearson will show you all the have to offer for each subject. I really love the way this web site is laid out!

Visit the Pearson Homeschool web site to learn more about their products and spend some time looking over the site. It has lots of great information like a homeschooling tips page.

You can check out what my CrewMates are saying about Pearson Homeschool HERE!

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product at no cost to me, in exchange for my thoughts and honest review. All opinions are my own.


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