Thursday, June 21, 2012 - Review

My kids love when we review sites on the web. I guess I'm old fashioned when it comes to education. I like a book in my hand and to sit down with each child and go over lessons.

However, after reviewing several really great sites this year I'm starting to have a change of heart when it comes to learning online. IXL is one of those sites.

This web site is fun and easy for kids to use. IXL offers math for grades PreK to 8th grade AND Algebra. Geometry, Trigonometry, and other advanced topics are on their way!

Why IXL?
  • Meaningful progress tracking
  • Information at your fingertips
  • Show off your awards
  • Set goals, and keep students on-task
  • Standards reporting
  • Reaching goals the fun way
  • Math learning that sticks with you

I had my younger children check IXL out and they really loved it! I wasn't sure which level to start out my almost 2nd grader, but soon found it really doesn't matter as you have access to ALL levels for each child - BONUS! This works out really well for my family as most of my kids work at their level, not their grade. Being able to move around the site to different levels is great! Each one has over 100 topics.

Prices start at $9.95 a month or $79 a year.
Each additional child is $2 a month or $20 a year.

This would be a great program for summer review or get a head start on your school year math!
We are anxious to continue working with IXL over the summer and into the fall. Any program that makes learning fun is ALWAYS a hit with me, no matter how old fashioned I may be! :)

You can check out what my CrewMates are saying about IXL HERE!

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product at no cost to me, in exchange for my thoughts and honest review. All opinions are my own.

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