Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm A Grandmother!

FIRST I want to say how much I appreciate the emails, those of you asking and keeping up with my family. It means a lot to me!
Sooooo here is our latest news!!


Gabriel Alexander was born at 7:05 am on Thursday, July 5th 2013.
I got a phone call around 2 am Wednesday night/Thursday morning from my very panic sounding son telling me - HER WATER BROKE!!!
Since Rod was on night shift and I was home with all the kids I told Alex I'd wait until she was further along before I'd come in. BUT that was not the plan.
Less then an hour later I got another call telling me I needed to get into the hospital NOW.
Our sweet little grandson decided to flip and was breech so a C-section was ordered.
I felt calm in the waiting room until I got a text from Alex telling me to come back in the room. The baby was in the nursery and Traci still in the OR BUT he had pictures on his camera.
I was totally unprepared for the W A V E of emotions that came upon me when I saw his pictures.

Trying to compose myself before Gabriel actually came back into the room was useless.
Especially when I was given the honor of being the first to hold him after Traci.
He is beautiful and amazing and I'm so very much in love with this little boy.
AND Gabriel has lots of AUNTS and UNLCES that are thrilled to have him here as well!
My son has a son and I'm a Grandmother.

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  1. Congratulations! I remember that joy of the grandbabies. We also had one that arrived like your Gabriel. I was hoping one of my granddaughters would be born on my birthday. I was told about 7:00 pm that it was a no-go. There was nothing. Not one contraction. Then about 9 pm, they called back and put me on alert. I decided to prepare myself to leave at any moment. Less than an hour later I was called again and said they were headed to the hospital but were dropping off their oldest son first. Then they called and said her water broke while dropping off their son. They got to the hospital about 10 pm. I got there about 10:15 pm. The Dr was there about 10:25 and Hailey arrived right at 10:30. So I did get my birthday granddaughter after all. When she decided to arrive, she made a grand entrance. She was only a couple of hours early...her due date was the next day :)

    Gabriel is a very handsome young man. Enjoy him!
    God's Blessings!